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20 lakh LED bulbs to be distributed in Guntur dist of Andhra Pradesh

20 lakh LED bulbs to be distributed in Guntur dist of Andhra Pradesh

November 11, 2014: In the last one month, under the programme ?Demand Side Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP)? about 2.25 lakh LED lights were distributed in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. DELP aims to save electricity consumption in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This project to help the state use more and more LED lights, was started as a pilot project in Guntur. The project is being implemented by the Andhra Pradesh government and the Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL).

What the consumers get under DELP

As part of DELP, a consumer can give two 60W incandescent lights (ICL) and take any number of 7W LED bulbs, which costs Rs 10 each. Consumers who want to get LED lights under this scheme, must have electricity bills and Aadhaar cards . After Guntur district, the project will be implemented in Srikakulam, West Godavari and Anantapur districts.

How 7W LED bulbs will impact

If two 60W incandescent lights work for eight hours, they consume one unit of power. On the other hand, two 7W LED lights, which work for about 72 hours, will also consume one unit of power. This means about 90% electricity is saved. About 30 LED bulb distribution centres were established at Chirala, Ponnuru, Vinukonda and Sattenapalli in Andhra Pradesh. Another 60 LED bulb distribution units were set up in Guntur city. Similar distribution counters will be established up in rural areas as well in the next three months.

How many consumers will benefit

About 12 lakh electricity connections are there in Guntur district has, and in the city itself, there are about 3 lakh connections. Estimating that around 10 lakh electricity users will exchange their traditional bulbs for LED bulbs, about 20 lakh LED bulbs have been ordered for these distrinution counters.

EESL will get these LED lights from the domestic LED manufacturers and supply them to the state government, and Southern Power Distribution Company of AP Ltd (SPDCL) will distribute these LED bulbs to consumers.


Global aircraft lighting market to drive LED lighting market

According to a Research and Markets report, the global aircraft lighting market is valued at $1,469.50 million and is expected to grow to $2.01 billion by 2020. The aircraft lighting market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.43% from 2014-2020.

A huge demand is expected for aircraft lights in the Asia-Pacific region, primarily due to increasing deliveries of A380, A350 XWB, B787 Dreamliner, B747-400S, and many other LED-integrated aircraft models.

The narrow body aircraft market has the highest potential to grow in the LED lighting market. Reading lights are projected to be the maximum revenue generator among the different types of aircraft cabin lights. Increased production of aircraft will also drive the LED lighting market.

Airlines are currently trying to tackle rising fuel prices, which is a major challenge. This has forced them to enhance efficiency in their aircraft cabin lighting system. There has been immense research and development in areas of low power consuming lights and adding value to the passengers experience using lighting systems.

The current trend is to include more LED lighting in cockpits and cabins. Many legacy systems still incorporate incandescent lamps, but all new designs are expected to include LEDs in the cabin.

The industry is witnessing new entrants from emerging economies in the narrow body segment. These, in turn, act as a boon for the aircraft component manufacturer. The Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 are significant aircraft in today’s aviation network. Leading global players in aircraft lighting market include B/E Aerospace Inc., Goodrich Corporation, Diehl Aerosystems, Zodiac Aerospace, EMTEQ, Luminator Technology Group, Astronics Corporation, Honeywell International, and Cobham Plc.

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