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2017 might see Apple OLED display iPhone

2017 might see Apple OLED display iPhone

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 4, 2016: Apple Inc is planning to schedule the launch of OLED display iPhone by the year 2017. According to MacRumours, a leading website that aggregates Mac and Apple related news, confirmed that Apple has received the flexible OLED display patent from US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent goes by the name Flexible Electronics Devices and has scope for flexible housings and internal components.

Patent descriptions include the usage of flex-sensing components that may cause deformations of the device and can be used as a form of user input. Phone’s operation modes can be changed through bending, or different functions can be given to the deformations to watch control systems and applying flex sensors to turn the device on or off.

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Flexible devices are sturdy and resilient to damage, due to enhanced shock absorption on impact. Experts at Apple may use in future versions of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other wearable devices. Apple may launch OLED iPhone launch date in 2017, according to Nikkei website.

Apple contacted Samsung and LG Display about supplying OLED screens for its next generation iPhones and Japanese media was the first to report it. Other list potential suppliers include Japan Display and Sharp that Apple may have contacted. This has given air to the rumour that Apple might launch an OLED screened phone in their iPhone 8 to stay ahead of competitors.

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Apple will not switch to OLED technologies until at least 2019, stated an industry expert. His viewpoint is supported by a leading research team and sister research division that also thinks an OLED iPhone in 2017 is a remote possibility.

Samsung is the only exception as they have succeeded in commercializing OLED panels for smartphone applications. But most of the manufacturers like LG Display, JOLED and Japan Display are still in the process of expanding OLED production capacity. These new OLED factories are not expected to kick off operations till 2017, manufacturing an OLED iPhone in 2017 slightly unrealistic.

Industry and users will wait and watch since Apple might adjust its OLED supply source chain to meet the deadline of an OLED iPhone launch in 2017.

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