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300 LED streetlights stolen in south Delhi

300 LED streetlights stolen in south Delhi

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 27 2017: About 300 LED streetlights were stolen from south Delhi (India), leading to darkness in several areas. South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has lodged four FIRs. According to a police officer, drug addicts in the area target streetlights when police presence is low. Each of these LED streetlight cost ₹8,000, which are covered under insurance policy.

SDMC had started replacing 1.98 lakh sodium-vapour streetlight with LED lights since 2014. In January 2017, the second phase of the project was launched and 75,000 LED streetlights have been already installed.

Greater Hyderabad shelves smart LED streetlight project

Due to financial crunch, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has backed out from the smart LED streetlight project. This project was supposed to replace 4,13,029 conventional streetlights with LED streetlights. These streetlights were supposed to provide 12 services like internet through Li-Fi, security surveillance, automatic dimming of lights, weather stations, a special SIM to track the traffic movement,etc. These smart LED streetlight project was to cost Rs 4825.6 million. The corporation said that it is not in a position to bear the expenditure, and hence decided to restrict itself to only LED project which will cost Rs 2730.8 million.

Gurgaon to have 54,000 LED streetlights

The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon will install 54,908 LED streetlights, under a Rs 342.50 million project. While Huda sector will get 13,115 LED streetlights, 1,218 streetlights will come up in HSIIDC Phase 1-4. These installations will save 19.71MU of energy annually.

Chandigarh to get 48,000 LED streetlights

Chandigarh municipal corporation and EESL have signed an agreement to replace 48,000 existing streetlights with LED streetlights, which will save energy consumption by upto 50-60%.

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