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4K technology is the trend today

4K technology is the trend today

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 14, 2016: Today the trend is to go for environmentally safe products, be it display products. Hence, there is high demand for green and energy efficient display products. LED and OLED display manufacturers are, therefore, making products that consume less energy, yet have high resolution, better display quality and improved backlight. In such a scenario, 4K technology is gaining popularity and momentum.

4K technology is the trend today

Driving factors

In last few years, major advancements in optoelectronics and nanotechnology have brought in advancements in display technology as well. The latest being the 4K technology that refers to 4,000 pixels in horizontal resolution. The technology is used in digital formats in shooting motion pictures and scanning 35 mm film into digital.

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The trend to use minimum resources; demand for tough, slim and flexible displays; wider viewing angles; high resolution are some of the driving factors that are changing the trend in the display market.

Application areas

There is high demand for products using 4K technology, as there are several applications areas like entertainment, aerospace & defense, retail and advertisement, consumer electronics, business & education, etc. Digital cameras and smart TVs with 4K technology are also much in demand.

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Other products that use 4K technology include smartphones & tablets, digital cameras, monitors, projectors, smart TVs, camcorders, etc.

Some limitations

However, high cost of components as well as applications developed using 4K technology are some of the restraining factors for this technology. With mass production and low cost fabrication, the prices of products with this technology can be brought down.

The use of high resolution images by the cinematographers are also increasing demand for 4K technology market. But requirements for high storage, and high bandwidth for streaming such high resolution videos and pictures are some of the challenges that need to be overcome to see more usage of 4K technology.

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