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5 innovative LED lamps and fixtures

5 innovative LED lamps and fixtures

By Ben Holden, Contributor, BizLED Bureau

May 4, 2015: With each passing day, LED technology is advancing and new and creative applications are being developed?thanks to the creative thinking of the LED designers and manufacturers. LED lighting designers are always on their toes to create something innovation yet beneficial for the consumers. Number of portable LED lighting products are being designed. Here are five innovative ones.

Wireless LED lamp

Keeping in mind the outdoor activity lovers, frequent travellers, camper and hikers, wireless ?M? Lamp was creatively designed by British designer David Irwin. M Lamp is powered by a lithium battery, and can be taken and used anywhere around the home, in the office and anywhere while travelling or outdoor.

Inspired by the miner’s lamps of the 19th century, David developed an aesthetically beautiful and simple LED lamp. Environmental sustainability is the focus of the design of M Lamp. Its LEDs consumes about 1.2W of power and its lifespan is about 50,000 hours. The battery does not contain cobalt, which makes it greener. The battery can be charged 2,000 times. The lamp is light as it is made of aluminum. It can be hanged from the ceiling or kept besides the bed, or carried while hiking or camping. It can be a perfect companion for an outdoor dinner with friends or during an evening walk.

5 innovative LED lamps and fixturesString LED lights

Designers are really creative with LEDs and are now developing very slim and thin products, such as very delicate light fixtures. One such piece of art is Michael Anastassiades? Calder-esque ?String? chandelier, which is as thin as a pencil line hanging from the ceiling. These are a series of cone-shaped LED light sources.

London-based designer Michael Anastassiades developed these LED lamps that can be hung from the wall or ceiling on very fine cables. These lights are hung with black spherical or conical pendants, fitted with LED lights. Volume and three-dimensionality is provided with a system of tensors to form an outline by the thin cord that hangs in the air.

5 innovative LED lamps and fixturesTomorrow is Another Day LED light

LEDs are not only creating beauty around us with innovative shapes and sizes, but also proving quality light. The new advancements in LEDs are capable of creating any temperature and colour of light. Working on this technology, designer Mathieu Lehanneur developed ?Tomorrow is Another Day? LED lamp, which was initially designed for a French hospital to enhance the patients? mood and pep them up to think positively. This LED lamp uses LEDs to demonstrate the sky on to a screen inside a room. These lamps are perfect for rooms without any windows. It fills the room with consistent light which is smooth and very different from the glare of a fluorescent light. These lamps are also perfect for meditation rooms and prayer rooms.

5 innovative LED lamps and fixturesLampshade grown out of mushroom

A number of interesting lampshades made from unexpected materials were launched this year. Some were made out of pressed fibres and waste products. The most unusual of all was Jonas Edvard?s ?MYX? lamp, where the lampshade is ?grown? out of mushrooms. The lampshade is made out of an organic textile material, and the lampshade is developed by growing oyster mushroom mycelium. The thread-like mushroom-mycelium works like glue; they form a flexible and soft living textile. After it is grown for two weeks, the oyster mushrooms are harvested and they leave behind a waste material, which is dried and molded into a shape, and made into a lightweight lampshade.

5 innovative LED lamps and fixturesOP-light that uses refraction of light

Another creative design is Bilge Nur Salt?k?s OP-light, which is a wall light, and uses refraction of light to create optical illusions. The designer wanted to give the impression of moving patterns that create distorted effects.

This LED light fixture contains a number of layers of textured panels that looks like geometrical textures, and help to reflect the light. When these panels are rotated, OP-light creates moving patterns of light, which creates magical and playful illusions of light.

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