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A smart home with smart LED lights

A smart home with smart LED lights

By BizLED Bureau

October 26, 2015: Are you planning to shop for your home lighting? Are you renovating or re-decorating your home? Or maybe setting up your new home? Then this is the right time to shift to LED lights and save huge amount of energy, and money on your electricity bill. The right lighting can work wonders for your home as they not only help you to do things more easily, but also enhance your home decor.

Why you should shift to LED lights for your home

You can choose to light your home using the same amount of light for less money. Upgrading the inefficient incandescent light bulbs in your home with LED lights will not only save you a huge amount of money but also 75% energy. For high quality products with the greatest energy savings, choose bulbs that have earned the Energy Star.

In traditional lights, 90% of the energy is given off as heat. The energy lost means money being wasted. But energy-saving LED light bulbs provide choices in colours and light levels as per your expectations. LED lights have much longer life and use very low energy, so they save you money there, too. A 60-watt equivalent LED needs only 12 watts of power to produce the same light as a traditional incandescent. It consumes less than one-third as much energy as a halogen incandescent does.

What you need to check before shopping LED lights

Any LED light you choose its light output should be equivalent to a 60 W incandescent bulb?both in amount of light produced (at least 800 lumens) and in area covered (it should emit light in all directions, not just cast a spotlight on one area). The light quality should be a warm white (2700 K-3000 K), and should be dimmable (meaning no flickering, even at the lowest settings). It should preferably be silent and should have at least a 3-year warranty.

LED bulbs are currently available in many products such as replacements for 40W, 60W and 75W traditional incandescent; reflector bulbs often used in recessed fixtures, and small track lights.

LED lighting solutions offered by the companies deliver a consistent and balanced light source, are instant on and fully dimmable, These lights are ideal for living room, bedrooms, study, kids? room, kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, closets, porches and garage work rooms. Whether its indoor lighting designed to create a pleasing, comfortable atmosphere or outdoor porch and garage task lighting, these companies have all.

The smart lights for your home

The Cree Soft White LED light bulb is an affordable, high performing 60 watt equivalent LED bulb. Philips? SlimStyle and Switch Infinia are also good choices, but the Cree Soft White LED light bulb has better dimming capability and slightly lower price.

Cree?s standard A-type bulbs look and light like the incandescent bulbs you are used to but are priced little lower than competing LED lighting. They use at least 84% less energy and are designed to last 25 times longer. Backed by 10-year warranty, Cree LED bulbs are powered by Cree LED filament tower technology for beautiful, omni-directional light in 2700K and 5000K colour temperatures. These are perfect incandescent replacement that will pay for themselves quickly and pay you every year after.

The Cree LED A19 series lamps are also a perfect incandescent replacement around the home and are mercury free. Cree CR series LED downlight also easily replaces 4inch and 6inch downlights around the home. Cree SL series LED surface linear luminaire provides easy installation while saving time and labour expenses, and are ideal for residential garage and closet applications.

Philips SlimStyle is also a value priced LED that is also a good incandescent replacement. The flat design of SlimStyle helps to manage heat better. But SlimStyle gives off a buzzing sound if used with a dimmer switch. Also, it has just three year warranty compared to Cree?s 10 years, which costs also a little less.

The flat LED design of SlimStyle helps to distribute the diodes around the bulb’s perimeter, away from the heat at its base. This helps to eliminate the need for aluminum heat sinks, which makes the bulb a lot lighter. SlimStyle has a light output of 800 lumens and a very accurate colour temperature just under 2700 K. It is a good replacement for a 60W incandescent, and has 25,000-hour lifespan and 10.5W power draw. As it has omnidirectional light output, it produces light evenly in all directions.

Philips? InstantFit LED T8 tube is a good choice for replacement of fluorescent tube. InstantFit seamlessly fit into the existing fluorescent fixture and utilise the existing ballasts, thus requiring no re-wiring after being installed. This minimises maintenance and labor costs. InstantFit works with 80% of the installed T8 electronic ballasts. It offers an ideal balance of light quality, efficiency and compatibility. Philips InstantFit LED T8 lamps contain no mercury and no UV or IR light.

Philips? Switch Lighting Infinia LED light bulbs are made to look like a normal incandescent bulb, but they use significantly more power efficient LED bulbs inside. The bulb is available in 40W and 60W equivalents. The infinia has the same 2700K colour as a standard light bulb, and The its lifespan is of 25,000 hours, that is almost 22.5 years before you need to replace the bulb again.

GE offers Link, a new and affordable connected LED bulb that lets consumers remotely control their home lighting from anywhere in the world and sync with other connected devices. Enabled by the new Wink app, Link eliminates the need for expensive add-ons typically associated with connected devices, making it an easy and cost-effective way for consumers to light up their smart homes.

The new Wink Application is an easy and cost-effective way for consumers to light up their homes using their smart phones and other connected devices. The new LED lighting bulbs are innovative and redefine the art of illumination with styling, efficiency and performance as required by the user.

Happy shopping

The list of LED lights for you to choose from can be very long. Prices of these newer bulbs are also dropping quickly, even as design and performance improve. So now is the time for happy shopping.

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