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About Our News Section

BizLED.co.in is an online News Magazine that will help you grow your LED business. BizLED.co.in is an online magazine on LED technology, a guide to consumers, manufacturers, and all stakeholders in the LED industry. It spreads awareness on LED technology and LED lighting.

We cover news about the whole global LED industry which includes news and information about the manufacturers, channel partners, retailers as well as the consumers.

The site is updated daily with fresh news of the day, which are authentic and real. We source news daily from various LED companies and brands, research institutes, associations, wire agencies, etc. We also talk to companies and their PRs and file exclusive stories and interviews.

We have a team of writers and contributors across the globe. Our team includes:

Deepak Jha, Sr Writer ([email protected])

Mili Roy, Contributor ([email protected])

John Burke, Contributor ([email protected])

Susan Miller, Sr Writer ([email protected])

The news and articles we post serve as a guide for buyers and consumers and help them to make the right choice of LED lights. It highlights the advancements in LED technology, as well as the current trends of the global LED industry. It also brings forward the business opportunities and new application areas that will benefit the entire LED industry.

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