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Acuity Brands, Silver Spring tie up to enable smart street lighting & IoT infrastructure

Acuity Brands, Silver Spring tie up to enable smart street lighting & IoT infrastructure

Sep 13, 2017: Acuity Brands, Inc. announced its Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. subsidiary has selected Silver Spring Networks, Inc. as a technology and channel partner for its smart street light and smart city solutions. Acuity Brands has developed and will market its DTL® DSN intelligent photocontrol, which will operate on a wireless network platform managed by Silver Spring Networks. The solution offers municipalities and utility companies enhanced functionality and adaptive control of their LED street lighting systems.

LED street lighting is an ideal infrastructure platform for delivering secure and reliable connectivity for smart lighting, smart metering and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Lighting system operators can leverage their lighting infrastructure assets by enabling IoT connectivity for smart lighting, smart grid and future smart city applications.

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This new solution takes advantage of the reliability of the DLL Elite™ long-life, LED-compatible photocontrol from Acuity Brands, improves its functionality and combines it with the performance of the Silver Spring Networks standards-based, IPv6 networking platform and Streelight.Vision control management software. A cloud-hosted management environment centralizes monitoring and control of the lighting system and provides access to data through open APIs, allowing developers to create new value for operators and their customers. The networked lighting control solution is backed by service level agreements, 24×7 monitoring and over-the-air access to firmware updates.

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“This innovative solution, which combines the DTL DSN intelligent photocontrol and Silver Spring Networks multi-application platform, brings together two market leaders to provide smart lighting control and networking to large-scale lighting operators. This solution will enable these customers to leverage their smart lighting canopy to easily and cost-effectively deploy additional smart city applications over time,” said Trevor Palmer, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President, Product Management Controls.

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