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Acuity Brands unveils tunable-white LED daylighting system

Acuity Brands unveils tunable-white LED daylighting system

May 11, 2017: Acuity Brands, Inc. introduced LightFlex (TM) LED from Sunoptics, the industry’s first integrated, tunable-white LED tubular daylighting system for commercial environments. The LightFlex LED system provides natural light, electric light or a combination of both, to optimize energy savings and daylight harvesting without sacrificing color uniformity.

The LightFlex LED system provides uniform color throughout the space, minimizing contrast between cool-white daylight and warm-white electric light. The system also reduces the footprint of lighting products in the ceiling by combining lighting and daylighting functionality, providing cleaner ceilings and more design freedom. The LightFlex LED system also has a louver that can reduce the amount of daylight to support audio-visual mode and dark-sky requirements.

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The LightFlex LED system includes an integrated photosensor that works in conjunction with nLight® controls from Acuity Brands to maintain light levels from electric light, while maximizing occupant access to natural light. The system uses tunable-white LEDs (2700K-6500K) to provide up to 3000 delivered lumens of light when adequate daylight is not available.

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“LightFlex LED addresses the previously unmet need to integrate daylighting with electric lighting in the same daylighting system to optimize the use of daylight while providing uniform color,” said Pete Shannin, Vice President, Daylighting & Life Safety Product Solutions. “A designer no longer will need to consider how to balance the color consistency between the separate daylight and lighting products; and because the integrated LED lighting is tunable, it gives the user the ability to tailor the lighting environment to support the application need. Our innovative system utilizing tunable-white LED in combination with daylight illustrates Acuity Brands’ forward-thinking application of lighting technology into smart design.”

The LightFlex LED daylighting system is available in a 21-inch tubular design to support 2-by-2 foot ceiling configurations. The tubular daylighting system includes adjustable elbows to bypass interior ceiling obstructions in retrofit applications.

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