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Airlines competing with each other to offer LED mood lighting in aircrafts

Mood lighting on a Virgin Atlantic flight. Virgin Atlantic

By BizLED Bureau

October 2, 2015: Interior designers of airlines across the US, Europe and Asia are experimenting with new lighting technologies to illuminate aircraft cabins in different colors, in a competition to give the passengers better service. They are using different hues for different purposes, like pinkish-purple at the time of boarding, amber warmth during dinner, and a warm color during bedtime.

This mood lighting is possible with new LED technologies that Airbus and Boeing are selling as options on their new A350 and 787 Dreamliner models, respectively. Airbus and Boeing used LEDs in their earlier models as well, but they offer a new cabin palette in their new models.

LED cabin lights will last for about 10 to 20 times more than traditional lights. According to Boeing, its 787 cabin lights have a lifetime of 50,000 hours.

Virgin Atlantic Airways is one of the pioneers to use mood LED lighting in their aircrafts. ?You can get people energized or you can relax people very quickly with LED mood lighting,? said Nik Lusardi, design manager at Virgin Atlantic.

Earlier, cabin lights had only two options?on and off. But, now, thanks to advancements in LEDs, there are several options. You can arise the passengers with light that mimic sunrise?it can change from light pink to warm glow to sunlight.

The Finnair A350 cabin has two dozen light settings, as per the different stages of a long flight. It uses warmer, amber colors on flights that go to Asia and cooler Nordic blue when arriving Finland. As night falls, the aircraft also features a 20-minute ?sunset? in the cabin.

Virgin Atlantic uses five primary color periods on its 787 flights?rose-champagne for boarding, purple-pink for drinks, amber for dining, another for the pre-sleep period called ?work-rest-play?, a silvery glow for overnight sleep, and a waking color.

American Airlines has also started experimenting with LED light options since 2011. They use amber during the dinner time, almost like candle light; deep blue during bedtime; wile red color has been rejected.

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