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Airports are upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting

Airports are upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting

August 8, 2015: According to Research and Markets report “Commercial Airport Lighting Market: Global Trends & Forecast 2015-2019”, the global commercial airport lighting market would grow at a CAGR of 7.69% during the period 2014-2019.

Airports around the world are currently upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting systems to enhance lighting conditions and save on operational costs.

Of late airport LED lights are making impressive progress in terms of light output, color properties, efficacy per electric watt, and potential for long life. These improvements are coupled with significant reductions in cost. Thus with the potential to improve visibility with energy savings and long life, airports throughout the world are transitioning to LED-based solutions at an increasing rate. Today, airfield ground lighting has shifted from halogen to LED lights appearing on runways and taxiways. LED lighting systems have a presence worldwide from London Heathrow Airport to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Airport lighting systems are essential for the safety and security of passengers, cargo, and aircraft. Constantly evolving technology has enabled airport authorities meet the safety norms set by the FAA. They help aircraft land and take off, even in poor natural lighting or bad weather.

In 2014, the market was led by EMEA with a 73% share, followed by the Americas and APAC with shares of 15% and 12% respectively.

According to the report, the growing amount of air traffic has encouraged airports to expand and upgrade their terminal buildings and landside areas, ensuring order at the airport. They need to upgrade to the right kind of systems and technologies that can be operated and maintained easily for better management at the airport and for the security and safety of the passengers. Considering airports in the future will be busier, cost-effective lighting systems with long product lifecycles need to be installed.

Concerns over the LED lighting systems are their visibility and intense brightness, which has affected the pilots while landing aircraft.


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