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Amerlux launches LED downlight optically sealed module

Amerlux launches LED downlight optically sealed module

Mar 3, 2017: Amerlux introduces the DOSM LED optically sealed module for exterior lighting fixtures that include a downlight component. Individual optics can be directed with controlled optics for precision aiming to accommodate the lighting needs in the strictest outdoor environments.

“The new DOSM LED Module offers high performance directional control for exterior luminaires to meet the most challenging outdoor lighting requirements,” explained Amerlux CEO/President Chuck Campagna. “Multiple size and configurations make this module suitable for a wide variety of fixture applications especially where a Dark Sky friendly instrument is needed.”

This revolutionary, individually IP66-sealed optical LED module helps customers convert conventional outdoor fixtures to LED with significant cost savings that will meet critical lighting and power budgets and energy code compliance. With greater than 88 percent optical efficiency, the LED module delivers highly uniform light distribution with minimal hot spots and greater fixture center spacing. DOSM LED uses 60 percent less energy than less efficient metal halide and other light sources.

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“This one LED module, which is engineered with chip on board optics, is performing the job of many LEDs,” continued Mr. Campagna. “A replaceable LED module, DOSM is serviceable in the field. Perfect for high performance luminaires, it features an optical refracting lens and is Dark Sky compliant with full cutoff capabilities.

DOSM operates with a convection-cooled driver during electronic constant current operation with over voltage and short circuit protection. Offered with automatic voltage sensing for 120 to 277v input, the LED module is perfect for high performance fixtures and is engineered with an individual optical refractive lens. Available in cool, neutral or warm CCTs, it features IES-certified full cutoff with Type, 2, 3 or 5 Light Patterns.

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DOSM can be used in a variety of traditional post-top and other fixtures designed for street lighting, parks, pedestrian walkways, recreational areas, parking lots, schools and municipalities. The LED module is engineered with exceptional thermal management and stringent efficacy levels.

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