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Amerlux launches lens for LED downlights

Amerlux launches lens for LED downlights

Dec 30, 2016: Amerlux has added the Solite Lens as its latest optic available for Evoke 4.75 and Hornet 3.5-inch lensed downlight families. The Solite glass lens delivers light with better control and without glare. The results are light delivered evenly and effectively with a soft comfortable ceiling plane.

“The subtle, clear choice, Solite is an ultra-clarity glass lens for high-lumen light transmission with a subtle diffusion for reduced aperture brightness,” explains Amerlux CEO/President Chuck Campagna. “The Solite Lens provides whisper quite aesthetics for use with our highly popular Evoke 4.75″ and Hornet HP 3.5″ lensed downlights.”

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The Solite Lens is designed with extra clear patterned glass, formed with a diamond pattern on one face and a smooth pattern on the side, to ensure the highest light quality transmission, minimal glare, high-durability and superb aesthetics. The ridges in the tempered glass conceal the LED light source and soften the ceiling without glare while delivering precision beam control without any flashpoints. Offered in an SLV reflector finish, the Solite lens provides maximum efficacy and a visually quieter aperture with 30°, 50° and 65° beam spread distributions.

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The Solite Lens can be used with the Evoke 4.75 Square Lensed Downlights, which deliver impressive performance, energy savings, high lumen delivery and consistent color. Solite optics is also an option for 3.5-inch Hornet HP Downlights, which are small in size but big on performance and provide excellent control, color and performance with high-quality, energy efficient downlighting for commercial, retail and hospitality settings. All downlights are backed by proprietary LED technology, service and warranty.

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