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AMOLED becomes circular

AMOLED becomes circular

By BizLED Bureau

July 5, 2017: The trend today is the coolest AMOLED display in the market. It is being increasingly used it wearables and smartphones. andersDX has expanded its portfolio with round AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED) display for wearable and instrumentation applications, complementing its existing circular PMOLED and touchscreen modules.

It offers circular colour AMOLED display module from Truly in a 1.3” in diameter. AMOLED technology makes it possible for all-round viewability, a high contrast ratio and exceptional appearance. andersDX in cooperation with Truly Semiconductor, have launched this technology for the industrial market. These displays are economic for low volume applications, and it allows specialist consumers, medical and industrial customers to create a user interface.

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The new colour AMOLED display module can be customised to suit individual applications. It features a 360(RGB) × 360 dot matrix display with a brightness of 350 cd/m2. The module is just 0.6mm thick and has a rated operating temperature of -20° to 60°C. andersDX is also offering a 1.13” diameter Passive Matrix OLED TFT from Truly.

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