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AMOLED  market likely to witness double digit growth by 2019

AMOLED  market likely to witness double digit growth by 2019

By BizLED Bureau

May 26, 2017: With its application areas increasing due to the numerous advantageous features, active-matrix organic LED (AMOLED) market is expected to witness double digit growth across the global market, by the year 2019.

AMOLED is a display technology with thin flexible film. The electroluminescent material in this display technology is made of organic compounds.

Key driving factors

The increasing focus of companies to enhance productivity and flexible display screens has been the key driving force of AMOLED market. Further, increasing demand for energy efficient devices, and more penetration of AMOLED technology is pushing the market.

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Market segments

AMOLED market is usually segmented by applications like television, smartphone, video camera, digital camera, radar surveillance screen and displays for healthcare devices.

Revenue wise, the smartphone section is projected to dominate the AMOLED market, and would account for a market share of about 86% till 2020. Samsung, one of the major smartphone manufacturer, with its strong global presence and branding strategies, would boost sale of smartphones with AMOLED displays during 2016-2020.

Performance of key players

According to HIS report, in the first quarter of 2016, Samsung Display led global AMOLED sales. Samsung has always been ahead of the competition in global sales of small and mid-sized AMOLED displays. In terms of sales, Samsung Display holds 30.6% of the global market share.

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Japan Display took the second position with 17.1% share of the market, while LG Display was third with 12.9% market share.

Advanced features

AMOLED demand is based on its features like energy saving, improved product quality, batter safety, etc. AMOLED, also offers flexible display screens and enhanced display resolution. As a result, AMOLED market offers huge potential opportunities owing to the increased adoption of advancement in technology and energy-efficient devices.

Also known as SAMOLED, because Samsung promoted AMOLED technology, this advanced technology is used in televisions and mobile devices. However, bad screen visibility in sunlight is a factor that is hampering is performance the market.

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