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AMOLED screen production in full swing at Samsung Display

AMOLED screen production in full swing at Samsung Display

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 16, 2016:  Samsung Display has initiated the full scale production of AMOLED panels. Samsungs Electronics’ flagship smartphones Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be armed with active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) screens. The smartphones are supposed to be launched on February 21 and the company plans to secure facilities with a monthly production capacity of 9 million panels for the Galaxy S7 Edge, which has the flexible OLED display panel. The step has been taken for smooth supply of panels.

The industry sources cited that Samsung Display has already begun the operation of the A2. While Tangjeong A3 flexible OLED lines are getting produced at the Asan plant in South Chungcheong Province for Galaxy S7 Edge. Its A3 6-generation line has the production capacity of 15,000 pieces per month while A2 5.5-generation line can produce close to 24,000 pieces of mother glass per month.

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On the average, a piece 5.5-generation can produce 220 panels for smartphones while 6-generaiton mother glass can produce 300 5-inch panels for mobile smartphones. However, this figure is subject to change as per process yield rates. In a conclusive statement, Industry experts believe that that the two lines can manufacture up to 9 million flexible OLED panels per month when they have the maximum yield rates.

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Last year, Samsung Display faced the grave situation of short supply panels for its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. And the current situation is reverse of what happened last year. The first quarter of 2015 saw this short supply in the smartphone market for quite a while. The officials pointed out the reason, which as A2 line’s difficulty to meet the growing demand. This line was the Samsung Display’s only flexible OLED production line at the time. Keeping the growing demand-supply metrics, the company started the A3 production line as well.

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