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Anchor Electricals opens LED lighting experience centre in Bangalore

Anchor Electricals opens LED lighting experience centre in Bangalore, Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd, Panasonic, LED lighting


October 31, 2014: Continuing with its focus on providing the best of innovation and technology, India’s leading electrical solutions provider Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd (A Panasonic Group Company), inaugurated its second LED lighting experience centre in Bangalore, after Mumbai.

Spread over an area of 260 square meters, this is Anchor’s largest showroom and will offer customers ecologically-advanced solutions ranging from LED lighting to everyday electrical accessories such as wiring devices, wires and cables, switchgears, air-moving equipments, home automation, etc.

Further, expanding its range in the residential LED lighting segment, Anchor will also introduce an interesting range of 23 new models, along with the 40 models unveiled last year. The new product lineup in residential LED lighting comprises of large LED ceiling lights, compact LED ceiling lights, ceiling light with waterproof functions and pendant lights. Along with these, it will also drive the ‘Symphony lighting’, a concept of customised lighting solutions and prudently crafted lighting plans aimed at creating a harmonious lighting environment for residential spaces.

The showroom provides plenty of lighting solutions helping customers understand and experience the setup of “home automation simulation room” and “LED simulation room” in the real size space which can be brought alive by lighting effects by virtue of position and type of lighting fixture. With the concept “Adding new value to the lifestyle through electrical equipments and residential lighting”, the new showroom provides a scintillating experience of stellar products introduced by Anchor.

The concept behind the set up of this LED Lighting Experience Center is opening up the array of possibilities in an energy-starved India. At present Anchor’s residential basket will offer solutions that propose a new-lifestyle creation through them. While LED Lighting focuses on energy-saving and offering reliable lighting, the RoHS compliant switchgear focuses on protecting homes and lives from electrical hazards. While the latest range in wiring devices offers a variety through colors, the up-scale home automation with iPad control aims at utmost comfort. The wires and cables with more than 100% conductivity reduce the risk of electrical fires, while the air-moving equipments focusing on “Indoor air quality” meet the air filtration aspect by offering an array of products that suit the specific needs of an individual residence. This will enable Anchor to focus on its uber objective of creating efficient “Energy Management System”, along with reducing energy costs for its customers and minimising environmental impact. The showroom also showcases Panasonic’s high efficiency HIT Solar PV Modules enabling Anchor to provide a sustainable solution on the Energy-Generation front as well.

Kiyoshi Otaki, Managing Director, Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd said, “With environmental challenges and energy shortages becoming a serious concern with each passing day, energy conservation has become a part of the global individual and business necessity. Aligned with the Panasonic Corporation’s objective of serving the needs of individuals in every space, Anchor Panasonic’s new showroom takes the experience a notch ahead of lighting, through showcase of its latest range in electrical solutions, meeting the requirements of residential spaces. Anchor’s constant endeavours focus on offering a holistic basket of electrical solutions dealing with Energy Generation, Conservation and Management for Indian residences.”

Speaking on the launch, Takaki Oguri, Jt. Managing Director, Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd, said, “Continuing with our commitment to provide the best in-class products, Anchor looks to open such experience centres across major cities in India. These will also enable it to strengthen its partnership with interior designers, architects, consultants and lighting professionals. Offering our customers best-in-the-class electrical solutions for their home would be at the heart of the new showroom. The experience centre not only focuses on lighting as a solution but overall electrical accessories that can be used very effectively as solutions for Indian homes.”

Panasonic will make efforts to provide “lighting plan” services to propose the layout and selection of lighting fixtures at the time of reforming and new construction, and utilize the know-how of the company that has handled 200,000 lighting plans in Japan. As a starting point of passing information, not only the general customers, but also interior designers, architects, builders and developers will be supported.

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