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Apple setting up OLED panel line in Taiwan?

Apple setting up OLED panel line in Taiwan?
6-Gen Sunic deposition system

By BizLED Bureau

July 26, 2017: Apple has bought special machinery—chemical vapour deposition (CVD) machines from a Korea-based company Sunic System to develop a 2.5G OLED panel line, which can develop related technology and products in Taiwan, said a Korea-based ET News report.

It has been reported for long that Apple is keen on developing its own OLED technology in order to reduce its reliance on OLED manufacturers like Samsung Electronics and LG Displays for supply of OLED panels for its iPhones to be launched in 2018.

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If this news id genuine, and Apple is serious in starting its own production line for OLED, then this initiative will definitely challenge the dominant position held by Japan-based Canon Kokki in the evaporator market, according to Commercial Times report. Canon Tokki is currently a major supplier of evaporators, and supplies the bulk of its output to Samsung.

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In 2017, Samsung has bought five sets of OLED manufacturing equipment from Canon Tokki, and has signed contracts to buy five out of 10 such machines in 2018, said Commercial Times.

LG Display has also purchased two evaporators from Canon Tokki in 2017, and has begun shipping its OLED panels to Xiaomi Technology and Google.

China-based BOE Technology has also bought one evaporator from Canon Tokki in 2017 and plans to buy more in 2018.

It is reported that Samsung has bagged orders to supply OLED panels and chpsets to Apple for its iPhones.

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