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Apple to invest $2.67 bn in LG to make OLED panels

Apple to invest $2.67 bn in LG to make OLED panels

By BizLED Bureau

Aug 2, 2017: Currently Samsung is leading in semiconductor and OLED production, globally. The company is, therefore, sourced as a major supplier to companies like Apple, particularly for OLED panels. But instead of becoming too dependent on samsung, Apple has decided to fund one of Samsung’s biggest rivals to boost its OLED manufacturing efforts.

Apple will invest 3 trillion KRW (about US$ 2.67 billion) on new LG OLED factories. These new facilities will produce 30,000 OLED panels per month only for Apple products. Smartphone and tablet manufacturers will not benefit from the Apple-LG deal for the time being.

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LG Display’s OLED supply for Apple iPhone has been delayed as it failed to purchase Canon Tokki’s vacuum machine on time; it is the most advanced OLED production equipment, whose supply is extremely limited. But according to sources, LG Display has managed to buy two units of the machine to speed up the production for Apple that is expected to start in early 2019.

The company expects to secure new equipment in December 2017, with which its production capacity would double to 60,000 units per month.

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