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Apple Watch 3 to feature micro-LED screen?

Apple Watch 3 to feature micro-LED screen?

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 22, 2017: Apple’s Watch 3, which will reportedly hit the market in September 2017, will have some major upgrades.

The key upgrade in Apple Watch 3 is said to be a micro-LED screen that will help to give long battery life—this is a major challenge for Apple. Micro-LED panels are thinner and lighter, and they do not require backlighting like LCD panels. It also provides higher resolutions and better brightness.

Since Apple had acquired LuxVue Technology, a specialist in micro-LED screen technologies, in 2014, it is speculated that Apple would use micro-LED displays to Watch 3.

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Micro-LEDs were talked about in 2016 as a new trend following Apple’s acquisition of LuxVue. Industry is hopeful that like OLED, Apple’s development will bring mocro-LED technology to the spotlight in 2017. A school of thought also believes that micro-LEDs will take over LCD and OLED display technologies in the coming few years.

According to nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura, who is the inventor of blue LED manufacturing technology, micro-LED would be one of the future LED applications.

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It is reported that Watch 3 will be manufactured by Taiwan’s Quanta, which has made all the other Apple Watches.

Micro-LED is an emerging and promisingflat panel display technology with immense potential to make it big in the display market. However, there has been a lot of debate relating to whether micro-LED technology can replacemainstream LCD and rising OLED technologies.

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