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Are you ready to take the LED plunge?

Are you ready to take the LED plunge?

September 28, 2014: LED prices are dropping, and their improved energy efficiency now makes them worth the price. The newest generation of LED lights not only look like traditional bulbs, but they can easily replace them. They also use 80% less energy. Although they are still more expensive than CFLs, they last for decades, unlike CFLs, and most are dimmable.

If you?re looking to replace the warm glow of an incandescent, you can do it with an LED light with a temperature of about 2700K. To match the white light of a halogen, get a bulb that is 3000 to 3500K. LEDs are now bright enough to replace a 100-watt incandescent.

Are you ready to take the LED plunge?

These are some of the top LED bulbs of each type tested by ConsumerReports. All these LED lights score 99 out of 100.

Standard 40 to 50 watt equivalent: Toshiba A19 LDAB0827WE6USD

Standard 60 watt equivalent: Samsung A19 warm white

Standard 75 watt equivalent: EcoSmart 14 watt A19 soft white 726558

Standard 100 watt equivalent: Switch 100 bright white

Reflector 65 to 90 watt equivalent: Great value BR30 soft white dimmable

Reflector 60 to 75 watt equivalent: Samsung PAR38 LED

Reflector 90 to 120 watt equivalent: MaxLite 20 watt PAR38
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