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Artist infuse life in fabric with LED lights

Artist infuse life in fabric with LED lights

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 11, 2017: Fabric has different meanings to different individuals. Sometimes, we use fabric materials to keep ourselves clothed and warm. Fabric can be alive. In an effort to be original and different at the same time, a 29-year-old Swedish textile designer Malin Bobeck did an act to breathe life into fabric. The last time she was covered for weaving glowing fabrics with optical fibers as a student at the Swedish School of Textiles.

Till date, her work focuses on bringing light and life to textiles. Her latest project is on a much grander scale. Those Who Affected Me is an interactive light installation currently on show at the Gothenburg Museum of Art with some 500 programmable LEDs light up the textile being responsive to visitors’ touch. “All human beings have textile as the closest material to their skin nearly all hours of the day,” writes Bobeck.

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Those Who Affected Me is currently on display in a mirrored room, “creating a no-shape universe where the sculpture is multiplied in infinity.” Bobeck created the work as a self-portrait, a tribute to those who affected her as touch affects the piece. “I want to encourage that in my art as people are so used to interacting with it. Have people squishing, touching, and playing around with it instead of being a “hands off” installation.”

“Last year I’ve been developing my textiles by connecting them with microcontrollers to integrate more functions,” Bobeck tells The Creators Project. “The origin and inspiration is the material itself: conductive yarn, shrinking yarn or optical fibe but by adding programming and electronics to the fabric, the possibilities are endless. The next step is to research the possibilities to make my art mobile and to put it on a body as a light emitting wearable art piece. A person wearing it can experience my art from the inside in that way.?

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