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‘Augmented reality’ technology to revolutionize LED lighting?

'Augmented reality' technology to revolutionize LED lighting?

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 13, 2017: The entire world seems to be totally engrossed with the augmented reality technology-driven, Pokémon Go and now, it is being said that this technology might be introduced in lighting sector as well, which will “aid you in controlling your smart lights in the most smartest ways possible,” said Rolland Trollope, the executive in charge of Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) at the Cisco Live exhibition in Las Vegas.

Understanding augmented reality

This advanced technology uses digital methods to add visual objects to someone’s real-world field of visualization or to a live video screen display. For instance in Pokémon Go, the monsters come out on your smartphone screen within a video display and then, you are required to go to the same spot in order to locate them with the help of GPS.

Now, as far as the lighting world is concerned, a person wearing specialized goggles would view a lighting panel in front of his eyes that would permit him to alter light settings around the room simply by gesturing at the different lights that have been added to his vision. In addition, the same system would permit them to use gestures to turn heat up in areas that may indicate as, for example, blue for cold and red for warm.

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Augmented reality is a rising technology with numerous possible home, industrial, and business applications. For instance, a maintenance engineer who has taken up a tricky repair in an isolated location could watch as a specialist in another place points to the precise part that needs exact attention and demonstrates the process.

Mixed reality

Referring to augmented reality as mixed reality, Trollope said that this new technology may revolutionize the upcoming phase in new ways to control smart lighting. Noting that voice technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa permit users to command lights verbally, Trollope pointed out that voice is the most attractive alteration in this front at present.

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The sensors and electronics that support augmented reality may as well dwell in luminaires. The augmented reality goggles operate by picking up wireless signals from sensors that sense things like room temperature or lighting levels. It might as well be said that augmented reality is the future of smart lighting as number of lighting vendors have begun to include various sensors in their luminaires.

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