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Bengaluru not keen in buying government-supplied LEDs

Bengaluru not keen in buying government-supplied LEDs

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 20, 2016: The Indian government has initiated large scaled LED bulb distribution projections across the country in an effort to conserve power energy. But, not all Indian consumers are on same page in response to the low-priced bulbs, according to a report published by The Deccan Herald.

In past four weeks, the sales are yet to pick after the Karnataka state government in India rolled out the low-priced bulbs. The sales are a tad better in Mysuru.

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Under the current scheme, domestic users with a 2kW capacity or less are given five bulbs in Bescom, CESC and Mescom areas. Those exceeding 2kW energy capacity can receive up to 10 bulbs.

Official statistics say about 70% of domestic consumers have a sanctioned load of less than 2kW, said SN Mohan, Manager (Technical), EESL.

Bengaluru consumers have many reservations about purchasing LED bulbs at low prices, and are concerned about the quality, lifetime, warranty and the brightness of the bulbs. There is a trend going on when consumers are returning their first bulbs after purchasing as one of the residents pointed out the bulbs were being sold in unsealed covers, which made him concerned that the bulbs might burst or fail to light up after purchase.

There are number of bulk buyers in Bengaluru including 43 in Mysuru and 33 vendors in Bengaluru, as per reports. It was reported that a consumer from Jayanagar was keen to know about the differences between government sold bulb features from those available in the open market, barring the price.

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Other residents complained that the LED bulbs were not available easily across Bengaluru as there are very few centers selling these bulbs.

From January 13, 2016, some 491,000 LED bulbs have been sold in the state and close to 331,000 in areas under the Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation and just 160,000 in areas under the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom), said an official from Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL) official.

Five districts including Mysuru, Mandya, Chamarajanagar and few others have been included in LED bulb distribution scheme. The consumer base under CESC is close to an estimated 8 million.

In Bengaluru city alone the estimated consumer base of electricity users is 6.5 million, and the total consumer base of 30 million in Bescom area, which covers Bengaluru Urban and Rural, Ramanagara, Chikkaballapur.

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