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Beware of fake websites selling LED bulbs, says ESSL

Beware of fake websites selling LED bulbs, says ESSL
The fake website selling LED bulbs under UJALA scheme

By BizLED Bureau

July 26, 2016: Fake websites selling 9W LED bulbs have emerged in the online market, and customers should be aware of it, and avoid such fraudulent websites, warns Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). In a notification to the Press Information Bureau (PIB), ESSL, the energy-efficient company behind the Unnat Jyoti Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA) scheme, said that there are at least two fake websites that pose as ESSL and sell LED bulbs. ESSL advises the customers to buy LED bulbs under the UJALA scheme only in the designated distribution centres.

ESSL, the combined venture public energy services company of the Ministry of Power and the Indian government has announced the fake websites, which are www.philips-led-at-10rs.in and pbs.twimg.com/media/CoGI9txWIAAybuk.jpg. These websites are accountable for deceiving customers with assurance of LED bulbs for as low as Re 1’Philips LED at Rs 10′, selling LED bulbs that start from Re 1 to Rs 13 for 1 W to 13 W bulbs.

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In order to complete the order, the websites ask the potential customers for their names, phone numbers, addresses and number of LED bulbs. In addition, the customers are asked to share the website information with eight people prior to payment.

No relation with the URL

EESL totally rejects and denies any connection with the link/URL as well as the contents that are there in such websites, or Prime Minister’s office does not support any of the claims or contents of such announcements and these are an endeavour to slander the name of EESL and Prime Minister’s office. Additionally, EESL will be informing the police about such fake statements that are being made in the public and file an FIR for the same, The PIB notice read.

A spokesperson from ESSL said that the company is keeping a track on all such unprofessional conduct that can damage the good efforts of EESL to offer superiority products to its customers. Furthermore, he said that the company will be taking lawful routes to tackle such deceitful issues and will constantly alert its customers of such post and advertisements through different media.

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