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BJB launches fixing element for LED PCBs

BJB launches fixing element for LED PCBs

Dec 6, 2016: Push-to-Fix, or P2F for short, is a fixing element that attaches LED PCB boards into a luminaire housing / lighting fixture. It consists of a metal spring and a silicone ring, which, due to its material properties, ensures a permanent optimum contact pressure of at least 10 N, while remaining dimensionally stable, elastic and temperature resistant.

Due to the “floating” method of connection, the P2F compensates for tolerances from thermal expansions and mechanical stresses generated during assembly and operation of the luminaire. The electrically insulating connection to the PCB is shock and vibration resistant. There is no need for a torque screwdriver system which has to be calibrated. The P2F can be installed quickly and securely by hand or with the aid of an installation tool.

BJB’s unique solution is the industry’s first mechanical fixation element specifically designed for optimal attachment of LED PCB light sources, far surpassing metal threaded screws, plastic clips or adhesives. In order to cover wide range of applications, various P2F fixing elements (color-coded for 6 different package thicknesses) are available between 1.5 and 4.0 mm.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Permanent contact pressure
  • Easy, rapid installation
  • Assembly without additional tools
  • Removable connection (from top or bottom
  • Compensates temperature related tolerances
  • Available for different panel and PCBs thicknesses
  • Suitable for Zhaga certified LED modules
  • BJB Product Number: 28.901.U161-U169
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