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Bottle LED bulbs to light up Sunderbans

Bottle LED bulbs to light up Sunderbans

October 29, 2014: Bottle LED bulbs to light up Sunderbans. Houses in Sundarbans in West Bengal, India, will be lit by LED lights. In a campaign by My Shelter Foundation India to save electricity in the daytime.

A 1.5-2 litre plastic bottle will be used, which will be filled with distilled water and bleach. This bottle will be inserted into a metal sheet with a hole on it. This bottle will be then put on the roofs of houses, with a part of the bottle coming out, which will act as a light. A solar panel will be fitted at the mouth of the bottle and an LED bulb will be glued to the bottle. There is a wire glue to the bottle and a switch is given by which the lighcomingt can be put on and off.

This bottle bulb works with the help of refraction. When sun rays fall on the bottle, they are refracted through water. The refracted light then spreads at 360 degree and gives out light equivalent to a 50W bulb.

These bottle bulbs can are priced at Rs 450, and these bulbs will last for five years.

These LED bulbs will be installed in some houses of Basanti in Sunderbans. However, during rainy season, or when there is no sun, this LED bulb will not work properly as there energy storage system, that is the battery is not strong enough. The battery will lose its efficiency in just 1.5 years.

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