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British police studying LED lights’ effect on crimes

British police studying LED lights’ effect on crimes

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 16, 2017: With regard to advantages of blue LED lights, we have heard that its installation light up an area or street more than the traditional lights. Many city authorities have also reported that since blue LED lights illuminate the streets so well that rate of accidents and crime have gone down.

Hence, it seems that blue LED lights really cut down the rate of crime, suicides, and accidents. In fact, the British Transport Police are investigating if LED lights are directly responsible forcut down on crime.

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Crime fell in Buchanan Street in Glasgow, Scotland, when blue LED lights were installed. At a Tokyo railway station, where the rate of suicides was high, LED lights have resolved the problem, and track-jumping deaths have completely stopped. At Gatwick Airport railway station near London, the British transport police, have started a major trial of blue lights.

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LED blue lights supplied by Minimise Energy for this trial at Gatwick Airport’s railway station outside London, proved that the colour throws people off guard to change their intended behaviour.

The British Transport Police is not only interested in suicides and crime, it is also hopeful on cutting down cases of intravenous drug injection in public places. The police wants to understand its effectiveness on crime and other serious issues.

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