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Buy LED bulbs with BIS label, urges Indian experts

Buy LED bulbs with BIS label, urges Indian experts

By BizLED Bureau

July 7, 2016: Indian experts, Sanjay Seth from Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Saurabh Kumar from Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) are urging customers to purchase LED bulbs that have the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) label. The officials requested customers to pay particular attention to the BIS label so that the bulbs meet photo biological standards and do not cause damage to vision. The issue was addressed at a press conference organized at BRICS Working Group to reach energy efficiency and energy saving demands.

Cautioning the customers, the officials said that the locally-sourced LED bulbs may damage the eye. Thus, LED bulbs with BIS mark and those that have passed the photo biological test should be acquired and used. The EESL sells zero watt LED bulbs for $1.26 each to domestic customers.

Buy LED bulbs with BIS label, urges Indian experts

The compulsory registration of electronics products aimed at pushing the drive for made-in-India LED bulbs and luminaries. At that time, it was expected that with the implementation of BIS, sub-standard and non-certified LED bulbs will make way for the ones designed and produced in India.

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It was also found that 75% cent of Indian market was occupied by non-conventional LED products like CFL and incandescent bulbs. It will take roughly a year to cross the half-way mark. Out of the three, the highest growth came from the government sector, while huge orders were expected from the domestic sector.

Though the price of LED bulb appeared to be on the higher side, it came down gradually with increased sales volume. The voltage fluctuation in India ranges from 100v to 330v. The imported bulbs are designed to work between 220v to 270v, and, hence, fail when the demand is high.

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