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Canadian municipalities to spend US$ 9.29 million on LED street lights


By BizLED Bureau

Feb 2, 2016: According to recent report, several Canadian municipalities are planning to invest US$ 9.29 million (CA $13 million) to replace existing 42,000 streetlights by end of 2016.

Canadian municipalities to spend US$ 9.29 million on LED street lights

With major savings in electricity bills and almost zero-maintainence cost, the local municipality authorities have agreed to roll out the LED streetlight upgrades. Some municipalities have not received the final budget approval yet. However, they are hopeful to receive it soon and with proposals to finish the work will be issued in March.

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Some municipalities including Cambridge, Waterloo, Wellesley, Wilmot, Woolwich and the Region of Waterloo are eyeing an estimated saving of CA $1.6 million combined per year, which includes operating costs once the upfront cost has been returned through savings.

However, initial investment have a timeframe of six to ten years which will be paid through savings , municipality wise.

Amidst all, there are certain townships and municipalities that have not budgeted for the light conversions yet. North Dumfries area has not allocated budget to convert 547 lights, while Kitchener municipality which has 18,000 streetlights is yet to upgrade the lighting project and allot the budget.

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Scott Davey, finance chair, stated that a business case will be presented in front of the council in March. It is extremely important for the city to have a better idea of how much the conversion will cost upfront, and the length of the payback period.

Like every idea, this too has its own share of criticism though municipalities have agreed about the environmental and financial benefits of LED lights that are worth the change.

Another advantage of  LED bulbs is, they cast light farther than high-pressure sodium lights currently installed. The proposed retrofit lights will include parameters with warm-colored light emissions upward light emissions from the fixtures. The authorities have set a deadline by the end of the year 2018 with few municipalities already testing with LED lights.

To support the fact, the regional staff cited the example of an LED streetlight installed in 2006 and has been operating without any maintenance.

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