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LED Lighting

Listing the best LED bulbs of year 2016!


There has much been talked about how LEDs bulbs will take over the incandescent bulb which has ruled over the years. With changing times, climatic control and heat emissions form top agenda of governments and related organizations alike. In lighting industry, usage of LED bulbs and other related products will ease off the burden from the current form as prices are getting lower making them affordable. From fancy floodlights to bargain-priced gems, we bring a list of some of the better products available in world market today.

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It is ‘head over heels’ for LED lighting, says GE


Better light quality, green factor, less power consumption are few of the major reasons why LED is a sure shot winner. Finding favours and love from all leading manufacturers, GE has devised a unique approach this Valentine season. The cleverly written marketing stunt was to highlight that GE will discontinue the manufacturing of CFL bulbs in the U.S. market. It has major plans to shift its focus in general lighting towards LED bulbs by 2016 end.

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Three layers of LED lighting for home and office

Three Layers Of LED Lighting For Home And Office

The art of lighting is definitely a skill which can transform a room into a picturesque space. According to a report published by American Lighting Association (ALA), apt lighting techniques uplift the architectural makeup of any area as it focuses primarily on aesthetic features and can enhance dimly lit spots.

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