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CES 2017: Sony unveils gigantic space wall made of LED tiles

CES 2017: Sony unveils gigantic space wall made of LED tiles

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 6, 2017: At CES 2017, Sony unveiled a giant size seamless LED display—CLEDIS system—can is meant to be uses in convention centers like the one hosting CES in Las Vegas. This display is made up of hundreds of LED tiles joined together.

Each LED tile is 17.875 inches wide, and joined together, making it possible to make a wall or a ceiling of infinite size. The display that was unveiled at CES 2017 was 36 feet by 9 feet, at a resolution of 8K by 2K.

Sony used RGB emissive display tech—the display is made of microscopic LEDs that glow red, blue or green. These tiny LEDs give the freedom to control color rendition.

Sony claims the LED tiles are capable of color volume that are not found even in a projector of a theater hall. This HDR capable display technology will come at a huge cost, which is still not announced.

Sony Corporation President and CEO Kazuo Hirai introduced the ever expanding world of HDR-enabled products and content, beginning with the unveiling of the A1E series, Sony’s first ever line of 4K BRAVIA OLED TVs.

The new A1E series of BRAVIA OLED brings together the best of Sony’s unique picture quality technology, including the 4K HDR processor X1™ Extreme featured in Sony’s flagship Z9D series. X1 Extreme, which accentuates the visual appeal of 4K HDR content, is capable of drawing out the full potential of self-emitting OLED panels, producing deep blacks and brights that more faithfully capture real world visuals. The A1E series is also equipped with Sony’s unique Acoustic SurfaceTM technology that vibrates the display and enables sound to be output directly from the TV screen. By eliminating the speakers ordinarily placed around the periphery of the screen, this series achieves a speaker-less and stand-less form factor. Because sound is emitted from the screen, the picture and sound become as one, heightening the reality of the visuals before you. Moreover, you can enjoy an ideal viewing experience from anywhere in your living room, thanks to the combination of the OLED panel, with its wide viewing angle, and the Acoustic Surface technology which fuses together image and sound.

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