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Chandigarh to turn into a smart city with smart LED lighting

Chandigarh to turn into a smart city with smart LED lighting

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 16, 2017: Indian city Chandigarh will soon be converted into a smart city. The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) has initiated a smart city project to transform Chandigarh into a smart city by introducing intelligent, eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions for the city’s consumption of power, water, space, and the Internet.

The transformation of the city will cost Rs 62,000 million (USD 942.9 million), of which, Rs 59,500 million (USD 904.9 million) will be spent on development.

The government will also set up a Smart City Innovation Centre, and welcome companies to display their latest technologies that will be useful to make the city smart. International companies like Nokia, IBM, Intel, Dell-EMC, and Ericsson will be considered as solution providers for the project.

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The city administration will equip the city with LED lighting and solar rooftops. Since the electricity department does not have its own power generation source, the administration is planning to have a solar power plant on rooftop of every building by mid-May 2018.

The city administration has introduced an LED bulb scheme, under which LED bulbs can be purchased on subsidised rates to promote the adoption of LED lighting to save energy. The Municipal Corporation has partnered with Energy Efficient Services Ltd (EESL) to replace the existing conventional streetlights with LED streetlights. As a result, Chandigarh will be able to save up to 60% power. A Central Control and Monitoring System will also be set up for monitoring the lighting system.

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