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Chennai installs 96,000 LED streetlights

Chennai installs 96,000 LED streetlights

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 6, 2015: Chennai Corporation has installed 96,000 LED streetlights, with the aim to cut electricity bill, and it has been successful in reducing electricity bill by almost Rs 55 lakh.

Out of 2,48,467 streetlights across the city, Chennai Corporation has so far replaced 96,708 CFL bulbs and old sodium lamps with LED lights.

After installing LED streetlights, bimonthly power consumption of streetlights in Chennai has reduced from Rs 1.16 crore units to 99 lakh units.

The new LED lights have not only reduced the Corporation’s power bill, but also saved 16 lakh crucial units of electricity bimonthly.

This has translated to a total savings of 8.2 lakh units every month. The Corporation believes that power consumption would be further reduced once the Rs 322 crore project to install 1.10 lakh LED streetlights is implemented.

Chennai has installed the maximum number of LED streetlights than any other civic body in the country . The expanded areas of the corporation have the maximum LED lights (61,379) compared to those in the core city limits (35,329).

The Corporation plans to install an additional 30,000 LED streetlights at a cost of Rs 145.67 crore. While installation cost of LED is high, its maintenance costs are less when compared to sodium vapour lamps.

LED streetlights consume 40% lesser power than sodium vapour lamps. LED lights will run up to 40,000 hours compared to the 17,000 hours of sodium vapour lamps.


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