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Chennai to get 1,10,000 LED streetlights in 2014

Chennai to get 1,10,000 LED streetlights in 2014

By BizLED Bureau

September 15, 2014: Chennai Corporation in Indian southern state Tamil Nadu, will install over 1,10,000 LED streetlights across the city. The newly opened flyover at Mint in Chennai was the first flyover in the city to have LED streetlights.

The Corporation has already installed 12,000 LED streetlights in the city?s suburbs, including the Mint Flyover. While the Mint Flyover sports 150 watt LEDs, the ones in the suburbs are 40 watt LEDs. A total of 155 LED streetlights adorn the Mint Flyover and its service lane, and this has come at about twice the cost of regular streetlight fixtures. But since the LED streetlights will consume only 150 watts compared to the 250 watts by the sodium vapour lamps, this will offset the price difference in a few years through less electricity consumption. Also, LED streetlights have an approximate life of 7-10 years and result in low maintenance costs compared to the sodium vapour lamps that last for just a couple of years and their maintenance costs are very high.

All other flyovers and also the upcoming ones in the city will have similar LED streetlights.

Several new LED lighting schemes have been announced in the Tamil Nadu?s annual budget, and for the purpose, the Electrical Department has granted an additional Rs 5 crore.

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