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China exports US$355 million worth of LED lights to India

China exports US$355 million worth of LED lights to India

By BizLED Bureau

October 1, 2015: No doubt, India is flooded with Chinese LED lighting products, and the concern of the Indian LED lighting manufacturers is fully justified by the fact that from January-August 2015, China has exported to India LED lighting products worth US$355 million during January-August 2015. It is an increase of 76.61% on year, and the export value included US$88 million for LED lamps, US$73 million for LED panel lights and US$30 million for projection lamps, says a Digitimes report, quoting sources in Taiwan.

By March 2019, the Indian government aims to replace all home-use lighting and street lamps in 100 cities with LED bulbs and street lamps. This will not only increase demand for LED lights, but will also lead to immense business opportunities.

This government initiative will lead to a demand for 770 million LED bulbs and 35 million LED street lamps, the report says.

The Indian government will procure LED bulbs in large scale through open-bid competition for resale to home users at low prices.

?For the most recent open bid, some suppliers quoted INR74 (US$1.12) for an LED light bulb, much lower than the India government’s target price of INR99, the sources indicated. The India government expects procurement prices to drop to as low as INR44 for a LED light bulb in 2016, the sources noted,? the Digitimes report says.

But if these LED bulbs do not comply to any standard, or are China-made LED lights, then the purpose of saving electricity in the country will be lost!

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