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China’s latest ‘five-year’ plan will boost these LED trends

China’s latest ‘five-year’ plan will boost these LED trends

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 17, 2016: The Republic of China released their official five-year Plan, a crucial document that underlines China’s development in the coming five years, and clearly demonstrates the country’s economic deployment creating better investment opportunities. We will cover which market sectors and emerging trends will follow, according to the newly- released plan:

Big data

Big Data has penetrated every business. According to a report, the total finance invested in big data from 2013-2015 is more than US$ 22.5 billion. Big data seems to have a promising outlook in the future. Emerging digital media is rapidly developing while manufacturers are in search for standard outdoor LED display installations to ensure the development of outdoor signage industry. Big data analysis is indispensable technology handling issues with outdoor signage management and digitization.

Meanwhile, lighting control system manufacturers started are developing big data analysis for sports events, according to industry insiders.

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 Virtual reality

This segment is still in nascent phase despite nearly a century of developments, supply chains, and connected facilities are still in developing stages.

But, virtual reality has an infinite potential and can be applied to videos, games, sports, education, sports, space exploration, medicine, and others. Leading industry observers are optimistic about the technology and hope that it will make the world, a better place.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing will continue to soar heights in areas of technology, public, and individual cloud markets. With limited market shares, many LED manufacturers have constructed their own cloud computing platforms. Industry resources state that China’s domestic cloud computing market is still unchartered, which is attracting manufacturers from the globe. LED manufacturers that have built their own cloud computing platforms have the advantage of impact market presence.

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Healthcare equipment

Starting a little late, Chinese medical equipment industry is evolving at a tremendous rate. China’s medical equipment market grew 15 times in last 15 years. The global medical equipment market accounts for close to 40% of the global medicine market while China accounts for less than 15% for medical equipment. Due to extensive clinical medical practice, health professionals agree that LED-based medical equipment is able to replace He-Ne laser-based equipment for light treatments.

Sports industry

Chinese industry leaders have been targeting overseas sports assets by gradually shifting to mature business models in the industry, acquiring media broadcast rights, either by selling tickets, sponsors or launching related sports merchandises. LED displays are becoming an indispensable media source at large sports events today.

Culture and entertainment

It’s said that Chinese investors and three big data leaders, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, spent the whole year in2015 competing in the entertainment market. For many years, introducing LED displays to movie theaters has always been one of the manufacturers’ goal. Now with lowering costs and technical breakthrough in LED industry, LEDs shall be used in movie theaters.

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