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China's latest LED lighting parameters deal with blue light hazards

China’s latest LED lighting parameters deal with blue light hazards

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 4, 2016: China has introduced the latest lighting standard GB7000.1-2015, which relates to luminaires test requirements for blue-light hazard regulations. The new standards for lighting were issued in 2015 and shall be in effect from January next year. There were four major changes from the current standard of GB7000.2007.

The recently released standard has introduced blue-light hazard regulation. Blue-light hazard assessments of integrated LEDs and LED modules in luminaires must match IEC/TR 62778 standards. Mobile luminaires should not exceed RG1 for children and nightlights blue-light hazard emission levels within a range of 200 mm.

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Mobile luminaires and handheld lights blue-light emissions should clearly label “do not stare at the light source” on a visible area that exceed RG1 within a measurement distance of 200 mm. The label should be positioned to avoid the user from directly looking at the light source. Considering the regulations, the label should be placed where the LED lamp is not installed or where light is not being emitted.

For fixed luminaires, if the blue-light hazard level surpasses RG1 within 200 mm, the luminaire needs to be tested to find the ideal distance where it approaches the RG1 threshold. For instance, it might need to be moved back a couple centimeters for it to reach the safety emission level of RG1. In the product manual, the manufacturer should state the distance where the luminaire reaches RG1, so it can be used as a reference by lighting designers and installers.

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The new standard no longer uses the F-series label system found in GB7000.1-2015 as there have also been some changes in the labelling system.

The Separated Extra-low Voltage (SELV) circuit regulations are also lowered. When the mechanical properties and current carrying capacity is sufficient, luminaires under category III exterior cables and SELV circuits are found in the luminaire. Power circuit connections between type III luminaires maximum current should not exceed 2A. The cable’s surface area can be smaller than 0.75 mm2-1.0 mm2, but needs to be larger than 0.4 mm2.

Many luminaires on the market in China still use this type of ground wiring. Lastly, article 7.2.1 has added a new regulation that prohibits luminaires from using internal ground wiring. For luminaires to qualify the new standard, one method is to connect an external ground wire to the luminaire’s metal case, and then connecting the internal ground wire with the exterior one.

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