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Chinese COB LED market reached $8.8 billion in 2015

Chinese COB LED market reached $8.8 billion in 2015

By BizLED Bureau

Aug 26, 2016: The Chinese COB LED market grew 2% year on year (YoY) growth at US 8.8 billion in 2015, according to a report by TrendForce.  Over the past few years, the COB LED market has witnessed rapid development, and it has also gained advanced penetration rate in high-end commercial lighting applications. Hence, a number of manufacturers have entered the COB LED market such as Citizen, Sharp, Bridgelux and Luminus Devices. Beside these, leading players such as Lumileds, Nichia and Cree have also become a part of COB LED market.

More and more Chinese manufacturers

More and more Chinese manufactures have entered the COB LED market over the last few years.  The chief ones include including Sunpu Opto, Guangzhou LEDteen Optoelectronics Co., Shenzhen Crescent Optoelectronic and Shenzhen Tongyifang Optoelectronic Technology. With more companies entering the industry, the market has also observed gigantic change. On the whole, global manufacturers are still dominant in Chinese COB market.

Citizen is one of the leading players in COB LED market across the globe. But, with the launch of Cree’s COB line-up in China, the company’s market share continued to scale as it took benefit of present distribution channels and the competiveness of its products. Cree went on become the leading global COB LED manufacturer in 2015. Owing to violent market competition, the income growth of Citizen’s products hindered in Chinese market but remained at a comparatively high market share in high-end market.

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With the release of Lumileds COB products in 2013, the company saw quick growth in commercial lighting market. Lumileds reached the third place in the 2015 COB LED manufacturer rankings. The company largely extended its COB production line in recent times and it is likely that it will witness quick development in revenue income as of 2016.

Chinese COB LED market reached $8.8 billion in 2015

Nichia introduced COB products to Chinese market for a short period of time only. However, it has witnessed rapid growth. In 2016, Nichia’s market share saw quick increase owing to its high price-performance products. It is estimated that the company will see exponential growth in sales revenue. Shenzhen Crescent Optoelectronic mainly manufactures high-power LED packages, including COB and other high-power LED products and that it has been building up experience in particular market segment.

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Sunpu Opto has been the chief Chinese COB LED manufacturer. The company entered COB LED market ever since it was launched and has been in foremost position with regards to brand, technology and production capacity scale. In 2016, the company launched dual color temperature COB LED that captured the industry’s attention. Additionally, Sunpu Opto also offered special lighting applications such as COB LEDs for horticultural applications.

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