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Chinese LED lighting maker launches factory without borders program

Leading Chinese LED Lighting Producer, Outrace, Launches Factory without Borders Program

September 15, 2015: Chinese LED lighting manufacturer Outrace Technology Co., Ltd. (“Outrace”) announced the launch of the Factory without Borders program at its headquarters in China’s Jiangxi Province. Through its CRM+ERP system, Outrace will provide not only their key LED lighting clients in the U.S. and Brazil, but also LED lighting producers located anywhere on the globe, with cross-border real-time monitoring of the entire manufacturing and delivery process.

“As global LED market competition becomes increasingly intense in the Industry 4.0 era, Outrace, through its ‘Factory without Borders’ program, will enable customers to place orders online anytime and anywhere as well as check production, inventory and logistics distribution in real time,” Outrace managing director Zhang Jun told reporters.

“‘Factory without Borders’ will provide LED producers worldwide with OEM and ODM production management, aimed at benefiting global consumers with healthy and environmentally-conscious LED lighting solutions for residential use,” said Zhang Jun.

The launch of the Factory without Borders program has been widely discussed among leaders across the Chinese LED industry. Analysts have given the program their blessing with a general consensus that this world-first and pioneering digitized and customized production program not only conforms to the general trend of the LED lighting industry but also enables Outrace to get a head start against its global competitors as the entire sector transitions into the Industry 4.0 era. At the same time, several of Outrace’s creative ideas that meet the demands of an Industry 4.0 environment, including the Internet of Things + RFID Application System and the Empty Bridge Automatic Transmission System are well positioned to gradually become realities.

Zhang has expressed the opinion, an opinion which reflects the viewpoints and general consensus of Chinese LED industry insiders, that transforming the industry into one that is smart, fully digitized and conforms to the tenets of Industry 4.0 is clearly the wave of the future, and to do so, means to create a highly flexible, customized, intelligent and globalized product and service production model at every link along the production chain. As an emerging LED producer that chose to enter the industry by serving the high end of the market, a management philosophy that allowed for quick and nimble responses to changes in the marketplace and making sure that the company continuously remained at the forefront of technology, Outrace expects to, through its Factory without Borders program, become deeply involved in the highly competitive LED market on a global scale, with an initial focus on the US and Brazil, two countries that have a high concentration of producers. The managing director further explained that Outrace has been focusing on the global market since its early days. The firm not only established research and development centers in Singapore and Taiwan, but has also actively participated in global LED industrial development and has repeatedly and consistently rolled out innovative products at the International Lighting Industry Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Lighting Show Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa and other international lighting industry events.

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