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Chinese LED strip lights fail to meet EU safety standards

Chinese LED strip lights fail to meet EU safety standards

By BizLED Bureau

August 26, 2015: In 2015, about 23 LED strip lights produced in China were certified as dangerous products on the EU RAPEX alert system, says a report by China Quality News Network (CNQ), which is affiliated with China?s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).

The number of faulty China-made LED strip lights is increasing by the year. This number reported by the EU alert system tripled in 2015 as compared to 2014.

A number of LED strip lights were recalled in 2015. Some of the European countries that complained to the alert system are Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy, UK, Slovenia, Spain and France, with Slovakia reporting against 12 Chinese LED strip lights to the EU alert system.

Most of the dangerous products have been reported for electric shock or potential fire hazards. Among the 23 LED strip lights notified as ?dangerous?, 19 did not comply with electric shock standards. While one product was vulnerable to fire hazards, three products did not comply with both electric shock and fire hazard standards.

Most Chinese manufacturers do not have a thorough understanding of EU and its member states? safety standards related to LED products. As a result, a large number of products fail to comply with the European safety standards. Many Chinese manufacturers lacked product testing awareness, and do not monitor the production process.

Moreover, most of the LED strip light manufactures are small companies, and they do not comply with any standards. They are low priced products and have very lax product inspection processes.

According to AQSIQ, Chinese LED manufacturers should ensure that their products meet EU LED strip light safety standards EN60598, and they should test their prototypes at an independent test lab before mass producing their products.


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