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Chinese OLED firms increase production by 300%, threatening S Korean makers

Chinese OLED firms increase production by 300%, threatening S Korean makers

By BizLED Bureau

July 3, 2017: With an aim to penetrate the OLED display market, Chinese companies are increasing their investments in OLED displays, and increasing their production capacities. They are investing more on OLED displays for use in smartphones, , in-vehicle display, wearable devices, etc.

In 2017, South Korean giant Samsung Display has increased its investment in making 30,000 OLED panels per month, with sixth-generation technology, and of small and medium-sized. It will increase its production capacity in its L7-1 facilities. It will also produce 15,000 in its A3 facilities. The company’s annual production volume is estimated to touch 550,000 in 2018.

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Experts believe that the competition will be a little easier for companies who masters the OLED inkjet printing technology faster.

Although the OLED display market is today under the control of the South Korean companies, Chinese and Japanese firms also have the opportunity to reverse the situation if they master the OLED inkjet printing manufacturing techniques faster than the South Korean companies.

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OLED inkjet printing technology is more efficient and faster than evaporation-based processes. The inkjet printing technology can efficiently reduce waste of raw materials during production, whereas the evaporation-based technology can keep 10-40% of the materials in finished products. All OLED companies have started doing their research work to master the technology. However, experts believe that it will 4-5 years to mass produce OLED displays with this new technology.

In May 2017, Chinese display firm BOE showcased a prototype inkjet-printed QLED. Japanese display manufacturer JOLED also showcased inkjet-printed OLED in April 2017. However, LG Display and Samsung Display have been come up with anything with the new technology.

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