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Cisco collaborates with LED makers for ‘connected lighting’ systems

Cisco collaborates with LED makers for 'connected lighting' systems

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 18, 2016: Networking giant Cisco, has forayed in lighting industry as it teamed with leading LED manufacturers like Philips, to provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting to commercial spaces. They have entered into an alliance called Cisco-Philips Alliance. The Alliander project installation marks the partnership’s first win, with Cisco selling networking gear and Philips selling lighting solutions.

Networking giant Cisco has taken a connected lighting initiative which involves alliances with multiple LED lighting companies. Cree is amongst the big names as Cisco unveiled the new Ethernet lighting installations at Dutch energy utility Alliander. The event took place at an Alabama public school system.

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Cisco has another tie-up with Cree, which is their PoE provider at Mobile County Public Schools in Alabama. The partnership with Cisco has close to 15 partners which also include US-based PoE LED luminaire specialists NuLEDs. The other famed partners are Platformatics, based in Bloomington, IN and Innovative Lighting, based in Roland, IA.

Currently, Cisco equipment connects 80% of the world’s Internet and it wants to facilitate the fledgling IoT. Team Cisco believed that connected lighting is a key component in its ambitious Internet of Things (IoT) strategy. It helps to testify the fact that anything can be digitized by connecting it with sensors, chips, and actuators and take actions based on collected data.

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Cree’s technology SmartCast PoE enables users to pre-set their lighting preferences. This enable users to be greeted with adjusted light modes when they enter a room or any enclosed space. This technology works after connecting lights connected to Ethernet and deploying VLC.

The current intelligent lighting demands to be able to understand what end users’ preferences are and cater them accordingly. With the integration of technologies like SmartCast PoE system, you can actively install and configure an entire building with connected LED lighting with a single keystroke.

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