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Cities using LED streetlights to improve safety

Cities using LED streetlights to improve safety

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 13, 2017: A city’s crime rate is the top most concern of the citizens. Intelligent LED street lighting has emerged as a tool to help local authorities to make streets safer, in addition to reduce energy and power bill costs.

Today, LED streetlights are illuminating highways, intersections, street corners, and all sorts of public spaces like parks, sidewalks, etc. LED streetlights are providing increased visibility, and promoting road safety for drivers and pedestrians, eventually discouraging theft and violence.

Governments across the globe are recognising the numerous benefits of smart LED streetlighting, and more and more cities are adopting it as one of the many public safety strategies in urban and suburban communities.

Government agencies across the US are using smart LED lighting technology to fight crime, help in emergencies, and serve citizens better. A Northeast Group, LLC report states that more than 2,000 LED and smart streetlight projects are ongoing across 90 countries. For example, Madrid in Spain is retrofitting 225,000 streetlights in the largest single-city project. Glasgow in Scotland also adapted intelligent street lighting program with a real time data feed.

LED streetlights found at every corner of cities provide the perfect opportunity to integrate smart technology into everyday public life without any obstructions. A smart light can be fitted with sensors to track foot traffic, collect air quality data or even making public spaces safer.

Coolidge Park in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, has benefitted from intelligent LED smart lights. The park was quite unsafe, and also experienced gunfires. The city, jointly with local company Global Green Lighting, installed smart LED lights that could be remotely controlled. This helped the park to be lighted brightly, and the lights can be dimmed or flashed remotely. It had become impossible for the gangs to operate in the park as lights were flashed from time to time, as a result, the city reclaimed the park.

Smart LED streetlights are embedded with gunshot detection technology that uses microphones to record gunshot-like sounds. Data from these smart lights help security agencies to map out high crime areas and respond more quickly to shooting events. Fresno, CA and Peoria, IL cities have recently launched such programs in public schools.

Smart LED lighting systems also contain built-in speakers to broadcast public announcements in case of emergencies. Pittsburgh installed a holiday display of 27,000 LED lights, which drew power from wind turbines.

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