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Clothes and bag with in-built LEDs for cyclists

Clothes and bag with in-built LEDs for cyclists

May 20, 2015: Lumo, a British startup brand, has introduced a range of clothing and a bagpack for cyclists, which are in-built with LEDs. While a line of white LEDs is found in the front placket, a row of red LEDs is hemmed at the back of the clothes. The LED lights on the clothes cannot be noticed in the daylight, but they light up when turned on at night. Lumo claims that the LEDs are visible from over 400 m away in the dark. The clothes with the LEDs can be machine washed and they are waterproof. The clothes are also resistance to stains. Luma says that 14 LEDs are attached on each light strip that can run for about 2-6 hours. They are charged with a rechargeable battery, which weighs very light.

One of the innovative items in this range is the Herne Hill Harrington, which features bike-friendly features like stretch in the shoulders, a dropped tail, and inner cuffs to keep cold air from getting inside. A polo shirt included in the range comes with red LEDs at the back seam and white LEDs in the front placket. The backpack, which is called Bermondsey, has a row of red LEDs at the back and white LEDs on the straps.

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For more info: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/238081104/lumo-be-seen-city-cycling-apparel

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