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Colorspike LED stick supports custom lighting patterns

Colorspike LED stick supports custom lighting patterns

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 11, 2017: Colorspike is a powerful animation-driven LED light stick that can revolutionize how you add colored light to photo shoots and video projects.

Bitbanger Labs, a startup, has developed colorspike over two years. The startup had also created the pixelstick, which transformed how people shoot light-painting photos. Colorspike aims to change how you create lighting and effects.

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Besides working as a continuous light source for video, Colorspike can also create custom lighting patterns by adjusting and even randomizing when the light turns on. With this feature, the light can be used to mimic the effects of the lights from a police car, from a disco ball, a campfire, a flickering light bulb, and other custom effects.

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Colorspike is made up of a rugged anodized aluminum body that shields the guts from damage while dissipating heat. It is small enough to be handheld, and its dual side channels allow the bar to be mounted to stands and other supports.

The Colorspike has a row of ultra-bright, flicker-free LED lights that can display millions of colors. They are packed densely to reduce shadows and produce clean lines while the light is being shaped.

To make it potable, the LED stick can be powered by an internal battery. It can be used with a DC adapter to be used in a studio. When running on battery power, a single charge can provide up to 45 minutes of continuous light.

Colorspike also has internal storage to keep a large number of premade lighting effects, which can be adjusted on-the-fly on the Colorspike’s interface itself. There is a free iOS and Android app that helps to operate the device.

Inside the app, users can design and save different lighting patterns to use later. The app also allows for multi-light set-ups, with the ability to control multiple Colorspikes individually or all at once by connecting through Bluetooth.

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