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Compact Lamps set to redefine LED lighting with ‘Orkus’

Compact Lamps set to redefine LED lighting with ‘Orkus’

By BizLed Bureau

Mar 30, 2016: With the launch of its new LED brand Orkus, Compact Lamps Lamps Private Limited aims to redefine the current scenario of LED lighting across India.

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Following the grand popularity it received within few months, the company is expecting to acquire Rs 1000  crore revenue within 2019 with a widespread network all over the nation with projections of 30% share from ‘Orkus’ only.

Compact Lamps set to redefine LED lighting with ‘Orkus’

Under this brand, the company has introduced numerous high-end LED products such as LED tube lights, LED panels, LED spot, LED bulbs and so forth.

At first, Compact Lamps had planned to invest more than Rs 100 crore by 2019 in order to step up the promotion of the new brand along with its LED manufacturing facilities.

With the help of extensive network of channel partners, competent R&D & proactive sales & service, strong promotion and marketing skills and indigenous facilities, this new LED brand has successfully marked a powerful position in the national LED market.

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Transforming LED lighting in India

When asked about the company’s expansion plans, the MD of Compact Lamps, Kapil Gupta said that the company is set to transform the LED lighting scenario in the nation with their diverse and efficient range of LED products from ‘Orkus’.

Further, he said that besides growing their market into urban cities, the company is also looking to develop and strengthen their network of dealers in tier-II and III cities.

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