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Companies vying to commercialize LiFi technology

Companies vying to commercialize LiFi technology

By BizLED Bureau

September 1, 2015: LED chip/package manufacturing companies are trying to take leadership in securing LED based LiFi technology. These companies are working towards commercializing LiFi technology, which has been speeded up with the growth of Internet of Things (IoT).

With the aim to apply LiFi technology to cars and other applications, in 2014, LG Innotek had entered into a technological partnership with Korea-based Yuyang D&U. Yuyang D&U is mainly engaged in manufacturing power supply equipment.

LiFi technology uses LED luminous source to transfer data at a very high speed via light. Through LED lighting, it enables internet to be used anywhere. Its speed is 100 times faster than WiFI.

Soon smartphones with LiFi light sensors will be made, as Samsung, LG, and other smartphone manufacturing companies are showing interest in this technology.

LG Innotek and Yuyang D&U have already worked on the technologies needed and now they plan to apply them on wireless light control system.

Meanwhile, Semicon Light, a leading company dealing with flip-chip LED technology, is also developing highly functional LiFi technology. The company is seeking partnership opportunities with communication carriers and Japanese companies for research and development.

In 2014, pureLiFi, the light communications technology company, had launched and shipped the world’s first LiFi networked solution?Li-Flame?to customers worldwide. The system turns light fixtures into LiFi access points that can simultaneously communicate to the users. It also consists of the world’s first battery powered LiFi mobile unit that is attached to a laptop screen.

Oledcomm has also developed its LiFi method of transmitting data through an Android handset which has been modified by replacing the front-facing camera with a light sensor, and by using pulsating streams of light for transmission of information.

Oledcomm is now working towards convincing smartphone manufacturers to include its light sensors on their new smartphones that will roll out of the factory.

Photo caption: Yuyang D&U researchers testing products before commercialization of LiFi technology

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