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Connected LED lighting will give rise to huge market opportunity

Connected LED lighting will give rise to huge market opportunity

By BizLED Bureau

May 18, 2017: Even though LED lighting has become a huge trend across the globe, the bulk of its development still needs to emerge. Now, recent reports and studies have hinted that connected LED lighting will give rise to huge market opportunity.

Recently, a SU report projected 25% yearly growth in networked indoor luminaires throughout 2022 which means that the LED market will soon hit $12 billion.

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New technology that can be connected with LED lighting

LED product developers undergo difficulty design decisions when it comes to designing network connected products. The most recent technology power over Ethernet wired connectivity is growing at 54% through 2022 in today’s time. At the same time, it throws a number of challenges for the LED lighting designers.

Connected outdoor LED lighting

Outdoor LED lighting is also supposed be permeated by connectivity. The Strategies Unlimited (SU) Connected Indoor Lighting report projected 40% yearly growth mounting to $2.5 billion within the year 2022. The outdoor market can only be entered at about 10% in current time by LEDs, however it is expected to hit 77% by 2022.

LEDs are more agreeable to dimming as compared to sources of light, upon which networks and controls will composite energy savings and also extend the predicted life span.

Connect LED street lighting

The kind of network used to link street and area LED lighting has become popular similar to indoor lighting. The physical issues and pole spacing make wireless networks the ideal choice.

Around 164,000 outdoor LED luminaires with essential connectivity were set up in North America in 2014. This paves way for the expanding growth trend and the recognized benefits include accurate automated power metering, city services like parking control, automated and preventive maintenance cycles etc.

Connected LED lamps

This is a separate segment for expansion. According to  reports, A-lamps and reflector lamps that are chiefly used indoors like in  homes , hospitality, and retail applications, where connected lamps are more expected to be used. By 2018, it is expected that white lamps with basic tunable white controls will control the division.

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Unfortunately, connected lamp expansion will not provide the impressive ramp that is being expected for outdoor as well as indoor connected luminaires. SU predicts that the connected lamps market will hit 42 million units by 2020.

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