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Consumers will get serviceable LED lighting solutions from Megaman

Consumers will get serviceable LED lighting solutions from Megaman

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 9, 2016: Megaman has announced that it will provide serviceable LED solutions for its wide range of applications. An established name with LED product development in replacement lamps, modules, light engines or fixtures, Megaman has officially announced that they will offer serviceable LED solutions to their customer.

The decision was taken by the board with multiple benefits in sight. The first and foremost effect will be Megaman LED light sources can be serviced and upgraded with latest LED technology. Using the current serviceable solutions, existing bulbs can be retained to minimise the impact on environment. This step is a welcome approach as it offers a total flexible solution which was not experienced by users, previously.

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Megaman team also observed that some basic light fixtures have high carbon footprint that require engineering team to replace the LED. This creates a viable option of replacing the light or the entire fixture in few cases, for creating a green environment. An advantage with Megaman fixtures is, they 100% recyclable in this category and the component parts can easily be separated after dismantling. The designing team at Megaman keep the serviceability factor in mind while designing the fixings.

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It is highly recommended to render services from a qualified and competent expert LED modules, light engines and fixtures. Better installation procedure will minimise unnecessary problems related with the fixtures.

Lighting designers get the maximum degree of design freedom with Megaman LED products due to their range offering highest degree of design freedom. This applies in terms of addressing future advances in LED technology and a wide range of colour and output choices. Megaman is committed to deliver quality products and has extended the legacy in offering solutions as well.

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